Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits to a stove with The Harrogate Stove Company?

As well as being the eco friendly low carbon choice of heating, wood burning stoves provide affordable heating normally less than other options such as oil, gas or electric.

A Typical stove including installation will cost from around £3000 inc vat for a good quality yet entry level UK made woodburning stove.

Depending on choice and wattage of stove required, it’s feasible to reduce energy costs by up to £1500 per year for oil and £650 per year on other fuels. Of course ordering logs in bulk can make further savings or using other recommended biomass fuels. We can also provide fuel for our customers delivered throughout the area.

What is the price of a Stove?

We advertise our stove prices on our website as we believe in transparent pricing. We pass all of our trade discounts onto our customers and are open about how we charge for labour and parts.

Whist we may not be the lowest priced quote you will receive, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality parts and labour. Our engineers are highly skilled, qualified and certified and work in house. Our partner company, Ignite+ stoves also has many other brans an we operate a showroom on an appointment basis.

How do Stove installations work?

Having discussed and reviewed options for your stove, fireplace or both, our experienced engineers will carry out a survey. We will then send you an quote that will include the ‘scope of works’, and the cost of key items such as the stove, fireplace or beam if required and labour charges.

Typically an installation takes only 1 day to complete. At which time one of our in house experienced HETAS installation teams will attend the place of install and begin by covering all carpets and furniture with protective dustsheets.

For customers with a real chimney, the next stage if required will be be to knock out the fire chamber opening to the appropriate size and support structurally with a lintel if required. To install a new hearth and if required line the chamber with fireboard or another non-combustible material such as stone already chosen by you. Also at this stage the new surround or beam will be installed if required.

The next stage requires the lining of the chimney flue, not always but in most cases, when a good quality stainless steel liner will be fed down from the chimney flue to the chamber below. It very important to use a good quality liner, all our liners carry a minimum 10 year guarantee. Installing a flue liner improves efficiency, performance and longevity of your stove.

Then the stove can be fitted and connected to the flue system. The stove is then tested and commissioned by our HETAS registered installer and your room is cleared, cleaned and left as we found it. Rubble can be removed if required too.

Following installation, we then arrange a follow up appointment where we explain operation and maintenance to ensure you are completely happy and confident to use your new stove.

Do you offer aftercare?

The Harrogate Stove Company offers a comprehensive aftercare service by a qualified chimney sweep who can sweep the flue, service the stove and perform a mini valet ensuring years of trouble free fires.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves need to be kept clean and swept on a regular basis.

HETAS recommends that wood-burning stoves be swept at least twice a year to remove soot deposits and checked for blockages.

Burning wet logs increases soot and increases the chance of a chimney fire. Logs should be kiln dried or seasoned for at least a year.

For some older stoves there may be a requirement to replace the internal fireboards/vermiculite as this can breakdown with heavy usage and age.

We offer a full service facility and can replace any worn or broken parts.

Do you have a showroom?

We’ve all seen so many shops disappear from our high street in recent years. The way we purchase items is changing and we decided to change the way we operate to keep costs down and to remain competitive. With this in mind, The Harrogate Stove Company provides a free home survey in order to establish your needs and to ascertain what stove is suitable for your home. We utilise up-to-the-minute technology to enable you to visualise how your stove will look once its fitted along with lots of images of work we’ve done. We then follow this up with a comprehensive quote based on numerous stove options and if you would like to see some options in the flesh, you can visit us at our premises on an appointment basis. This ensures a true 1-2-1 experience and enables you to spend as much or as little time as you like viewing our products. We’re easily accessible from the Harrogate and York area and you can even park!

You're a Harrogate company. Does that mean you charge Harrogate prices?

Give us a try. It costs you nothing! We all hate being charged more for no apparent reason. That’s why we took the commercial decision to strip back unnecessary costs and keen our margins low.

We carry out all the work ourselves and we keep ourselves organised. We keep our costs low and we ensure our service is what you’d expect it to be. We arrive when we say we do and we do what we say we’ll do. We believe in transparent and fixed pricing. Our showroom operates on an appointment basis so we can staff it when we nee to which not only saves costs but means you have less people to with with as you’ll meet the person who’s installing your stove!

That’s how it should be. Give us a try.