Fuel Supplies

With tight new emission controls being introduced in the coming years, the quality of fuel you burn on your stove is critical. Good dry logs on your stove not only provide more heat, better efficiency and keep you chimney or flue cleaner but also produce much less smoke so contribute to a far cleaner environment. You stove glass will also be much cleaner. We’re proud to work with some excellent local and national suppliers of fuel.

We deal with numerous local log merchants who’ll deliver logs and kindling to your door and we can even arrange your logs to be stacked for you.

We’re also loving some of the new alternative sustainable fuels being developed. From fuel logs derived from used coffee grounds to briquettes made from olive stones which are ground together with 20% charcoal to create an extremely efficient and slow burning briquette burning 40% hotter than standard logs.

Buying nice dry wood is a pointless exercise if the logs then get wet if stored incorrectly. We also now provide made to measure log stores delivered locally. Our log stores can be made bespoke to include felt roof, additional shelves and can be made from 3ft wide up to 6ft wide with a choice of heights.

Our log stores start from around £80.00. We have log stores available to view at our premises too.

Contact us for more information on any of the above.